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In all works of life and in everyday business transactions, parties are always in negotiations. Whether to set up some form of commercial deal or to resolve a dispute, negotiation and other forms of dispute resolution are on the rise. In response to this, the Law Society is offering members the chance to get practical experience of negotiations in both competitive and non-competitive settings. Negotiation teaches students how to be tactical, how to compromise and how to create intuitive new solutions that are outside the box, and all of these are key transferrable skills to any kind of law or business-orientated career.

Lincoln Negotiation Competition

In response to the growing importance of negotiation skills, the Law Society has established an internal negotiation competition to create more opportunities for members to sharpen their commercial legal skills in friendly competition with their colleagues. 

External Competitions

Annually we enter teams of students into external negotiation competitions to compete with other students from across the country. Competitive negotiation is unique form of competition in which both sides are working to reach a solution that is mutually beneficial and amicable. This is a great opportunity to develop your skills and kick start a career.

Negotiation Workshops

For those interested in learning the skills of negotiation in a less competitive environment, keep an eye out for practical workshops and other opportunities throughout the year. These are designed for students at different skill levels and allow you to learn the basics and perfect the art of negotiation.

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