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Events Officer 

There are two positions as Events Officer therefore it is key that both candidates are excellent at teamwork, particularly as they will also be collaborating amongst many of the other members of the committee within their role. Events are an essential to create accessible opportunities for students to engage both academically and socially. Currently the role is responsible for hosting and organising the society’s largest events: Networking Dinner and Law Ball. We hope to expand upon these this year by introducing smaller scale networking opportunities which are potentially more informal. However, due to the current implications following COVID-19 the role will also have to be adaptive with expansion on new online methods. 

The candidate must act as a professional representative of the society when communicating with venues and guest professionals for networking opportunities. Candidates will be tasked with contacting venues, suppliers and professionals therefore it is also key that the candidates possess strong administrative and organisational skills. Promotion of the events is also essential to ensure that members get the most out of the opportunities we endeavour to provide.  Finally, it is worth emphasising that the roles will be working closely and be supported by all of the other committee positions. 

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