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Debating helps develop a number of essential skills required for any successful legal career.  Through participation in any one of the number of opportunities the law society offer, members will be able to improve public speaking skills. This is fundamental not only in your time here but also going forward into your future career. Debating also allows students to work on forming arguments and counter-arguments which is a skill needed to be successful in many elements of the law for example; mooting.

Lincoln Debating Cup

The Lincoln Debating Cup (LDC). Two teams of students will debate on a range of legal and political topics. The teams will compete over three rounds to win the debating cup. This competition is completely unique to any other competition at the University of Lincoln and is solely for Law Society members. This competition is open to students of all abilities and all levels of study.

Lincoln SEASONAL Debates

A fantastic opportunity to improve your debating skills in a fun and friendly environment. Lincoln Debates will take place on a termly basis giving you the chance to take part in debates on a range of topics from whether Zombies should have human rights to whether Santa is a trespasser.  If the serious element of debating is not for you, Lincoln Debates will offer a way for you to get involved and meet new people, as well as improving your public speaking skills.

External Competitions

If you enjoyed the internal debating opportunities, speak to a member of the Law Society team for further details on the external opportunities. External competitions offer the chance to improve debating skills in a competitive environment. Some competitions offer specialist training to help perfect your debating skills to a high level while also offering the chance to network with legal professionals.

Debating Workshops

If you want to improve your debating skills without any competitive element, keep your eye out for our workshops.  Workshops offer the chance to perfect the discipline of debating and are designed for students of all skills levels.

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